Emily Roggenburk woke up on June 22, 2016 with an idea that would soon change her life. It was the day of the Cleveland Cavaliers Championship Parade - a day that was long awaited for 52 years. Finally, Cleveland had brought home a championship, and the city was ready to celebrate.

Emily knew this day would be something that all Clevelanders would want to remember for generations to come, and that the perfect way to commemorate the day was to take amazing photographs of the buildings, the streets, the team, the people.  However, it was after 9am and the streets were already flooding with crowds of onlookers. She knew the only way she was going to get these amazing photographs she dreamed of was to go above the city and experience the day through her lens.

In a few short hours, Emily had called almost every helicopter company in the city of Cleveland, and actually ended up having to get one to flown in from Detroit in order to make her dream become a reality. She called her closest friends and family and asked who would want to come along for the ride, but most were already busy parading around the city (or afraid of heights). Finally, after reaching her brother-in-law, who had been downtown for hours, he recommended she bring a friend of his - local celebrity, former Ohio State football star and NFL player, Dustin Fox. Luckily for her, he agreed.

At noon on June 22, 2016, Emily, Dustin, and a friend, hovered over the ground at Burke Lakefront Airport for the beginning of their first helicopter ride. They circled the city what had to be dozens of times and took in the views of the tiny people below. The city looked more impressive than it ever had that day, and from there, Emily Roggenburk Product + Photography was born.


And thus, Emily Roggenburk Product + Photography was born.


Emily now dedicates her time to capturing the amazing moments, sights, and events that bring people together.

As of October 2016, Emily has photographed in Cleveland, Mykonos and Santorini in Greece, Sonoma and Northern California, and the coast of Oregon. She is excited for what's to come and has many more photo shoots in store!

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